Ottolenghi SIMPLE Cookbook

A MUST HAVE! Ottolenghi SIMPLE Cookbook offers 30 minutes meals, one pot delicious meal, or an easy flavoursome dish to impress friends.


Ottolenghi SIMPLE Cookbook

The Ottolenghi SIMPLE Cookbook is one that I pull out when I am entertaining friends or family but I have limited time on my hands or just want to keep it… simple.

These dishes that will suit whatever type of cooking you find easy – whether that’s getting wonderful food on the table in under 30 minutes, using just one pot to make a delicious meal, or a flavoursome dish that can be prepared ahead and then served when you’re ready.

This book inspired many of my recipes, especially my quick pomegranate lamb curry.

These brilliant, flavour-forward dishes are all SIMPLE in at least one (but very often more than one) way:

S – short on time: less than 30 minutes
I – 10 ingredients or less
M – make ahead
P – pantry
L – lazy
E – easier than you think

However, let’s not forget about this incredible cookbook, Jerusalem back in 2012