Mob Kitchen Cookbook: Feed 4 or more for under 10 pounds

Mob Kitchen delivers delicious social food videos but combines it with recipes you would actually make. The perfect millennial cookbook, cooking for 4 people under £10!


Mob Kitchen Cookbook

So I have been following Mob Kitchen on Instagram for a while & love their enthusiasm & energy! This book has recipes for all, from tasty meat baguettes to vegan options that with make you say… wow.
The core element of every MOB Kitchen recipe is that it is affordable, healthy, delicious, beautiful and easy to make. Unlike most budget cooking sites, MOB Kitchen doesn’t make any absurd store-cupboard assumptions.
All that is expected is that you have salt, pepper, olive oil and a small budget, nothing more. Teaming up with musicians, as online, each recipe has a song that’s perfect to play as you cook.
I really love that you can scan the Spotify playlists from the book too as music in my kitchen is just as important as the ingredients that go in the dish.