Knife Wizard Electric Knife Sharpener KE198

Restores the bluntest knife to sharpness
4 simple steps to a perfectly honed blade
Sharpens all blades, whether smooth or scalloped
Lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee on wheels

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Electric Knife Sharpener – Easy To Use

I use the Knife Wizard Electric Knife Sharpener to keep my knives easily sharp. Each wheel has 2 slots so you can sharpen both sides of the blade. It’s easy to use but I also recommend watching Youtube videos on how to use it correctly.

Award Winning

Recognised for their perfection by the Excellence in Housewares Awards, I.O.Shen knives are perfect for professional chefs and home cooks who’d like top-of-the-range, professional-quality knives for their own kitchen. There’s a knife in their range to suit any task as well as a choice of storage options and sharpeners.

This will help you create delicious dishes with ease, just like my Korean BBQ ribs