30 Jar Spice And Herb Rack + 270 FREE Labels

This 30 Jar Spice & Herb Rack is the perfect solution for neatly organising your herbs and spices in your drawer or cupboard at a great price! Click to see other sizes.


Spice And Herb Rack

If you love to cook, then having a collection of herbs, spices and seasonings on hand is essential to adding flavour to any dish you create. However, tucking them all away in your kitchen cupboard means that you often forget what’s readily available, and you’ll only end up throwing things away that went out of date seven years ago.

  • Cook like a pro in no time with ease when you have an organised spice and herb rack.
  • Material: high-quality iron with stoving vanish, sturdy and durable with a full load.
  • Other options are the 18 and 24 racks.
  • This goes perfectly with my Homemade Moroccan Rub, give it a try this weekend.