Running The Snowdonia Marathon

My Snowdonia Marathon Training Plan

Are you running the Snowdonia Marathon this year or any marathon for that matter? Are you struggling to know what to eat or what plan to follow? Let me help you out. I decided to challenge myself (again) but this time, I’ve gone big, maybe too big…Kinda like my portion control. On the 28th October 2017, I ran my first marathon, the Snowdonia Marathon! With under 3 months of training and running around Snowdonia which has a flat equivalent distance of 29.32 miles, this really pushed me physically and mentally.

What’s Is A Flat Equivalent?

The Flat Equivalent Distance is an estimate of the distance you could expect to run at the same time on a flat surface. It is used to calculate your Age-Graded % so that performances on different types of routes can be fairly compared. So my marathon time will be compared to someone running 29.32 miles… Interesting.

What to eat when training?

Long distances demand a commitment to training but also often require a full diet overhaul to ensure you’re stoking an aching body with all the nutrition it needs to repair muscle and make it stronger. Click, to see my high energy and delicious endurance recipes I was eating over my training period. In this space, I will be adding in my weekly meals to inspire you to eat high energy and delicious meals while training for an endurance event.





Marathon Training Plan

Here is my marathon training plan to give you an idea of what I was having to do in my spare time when I am not working 9-6pm as well as my food blog on the side… 6 am starts became a habit and I still do it today working on Biffen’s Kitchen or a run before work.
Snowdonia Marathon Training

Snowdonia Marathon Training Plan

Snowdonia Marathon Training

Asking for donations can be hard work…

Since I was committing my body, time, money and well, my whole life for those 3 months I needed to raise some cash for my chosen charity Tenovus Cancer Care.  Now, we all know it can be hard work and sometimes awkward asking for donations. Most people will happily buy you a beer on a night out but won’t be so keen on donating £5. So here was my strategy… Virtual drinks. Rather than asking for donations, you ask your friends to buy you a virtual drink. Did it work? Well, I only need to raise £200 and I hit £540! Here is how I presented it:
  • Virtual beers (£10)
  • Virtual double gin and tonic (£15)
  • A virtual night out (£20+)
Also, make sure you can demonstrate the difficulty to your contributors to convey the intensity of the training needed for your race. I used the image below:

“Here is the profile of the Snowdonia Marathon vs London Marathon. If this doesn’t make you donate to a great charity cause, I don’t know what will!”

Explain about your charity choice: Tenovus Cancer Care

Keep it short and to the point. If you have a close connection to the charity, explain why. This is what I wrote: I’m fundraising for Tenovus Cancer Care as they bring treatment, emotional support and practical advice to the heart of the community. They’ve helped thousands of cancer patients cope with a diagnosis, and given them hope for the future Your donation will mean that they can continue to support cancer patients and their loved ones, promote healthy lifestyles and fund cancer research to find new ways to prevent it, diagnose it, and treat it…

Any questions?

I hope you found this helpful and if you have any questions, drop me a message and I will be happy to explain more about my experience. Remember, I am not an experienced runner or qualified nutritionist but this plan I made worked for me. Good luck with the training and enjoy the run.
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