Salmon Scrambled Eggs with Balsamic Cherry Tomatoes
with rocket salad and thick seeded toast

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Salmon Scrambled Eggs with Balsamic Cherry Tomatoes

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Adjust Servings:
5 large Scrambled eggs Eggs
100g Smoked Salmon
Small knob of Unsalted Butter
1/2 Lemon Squeezed over the salmon
12 on the vine Balsamic Tomatoes Cherry Tomatoes Enough for 2 people
Sprinkle of Black Pepper
2 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar
Small handfull Balsamic Tomatoes Rocket
4 thick slices of Bread I like it on thick wholegrain bread

Nutritional information


    £2.60 per portion

    • 15 minutes
    • Serves 2
    • Medium




    Salmon Scrambled Eggs

    The salmon scrambled eggs is a classic British weekend or celebration breakfast that is easy to make and will please your other half.

    If you don’t like salmon, try replacing it with one of my other favourite ingredients such as bacon lardons and rocket or smashed avocado and tomato.

    When I buy my eggs I always make sure they are good quality free range eggs not just for the ethical reasons but also for the quality of the egg.

    Top 3 Egg Facts

    1. Eggs are a very good source of inexpensive, high-quality protein.
    2. Free range eggs offer all the nine essential amino acids present.
    3. Buying free range eggs offers two times more omega-3 fatty acids than caged eggs.

    I know you can get more for your money with non-free range eggs but the quality of the egg you are putting in your own body and the quality of life for the chicken is not worth the extra £1 or so. Go quality over quantity.



    Prep It

    1. Pre-heat your oven to 180c and slice the cooked slamon into strips.

    2. Place your cherry vine tomatoes on an oven tray covering with balsamic vinegar and seasoning, and then place in the oven for 10-12 minutes.

    Whisk your eggs using a fork in a bowl, adding the milk and seasoning. Then slice your salmon into strips and squeeze the lemon juice over and add extra black pepper.


    Cook It

    1. Heat your saucepan over a medium heat and add your butter. Once melted add the eggs and stir constantly with a spatula or something flexible to ensure you get right in the corners...nothing metal to scratch your pans.

    2. Take your eggs off the heat just before they are cooked as they will still cook from the heat of the saucepan.

    3. Place your slices of bread in the toaster. Check your tomatoes and using a spoon place the juices in the tray on top of the add.

    4. Butter your toast once ready, add your eggs, small handful of rocket, strips of salmon and using the spatula carefully place the vine tomatoes on the top, drizzle the juices over the top and finally a good sprinkle of black pepper.

    Serve immediately and enjoy... It's the weekend!


    Biffen's Kitchen

    My recipes will encourage people not to skip breakfast, make your work colleagues jealous of your lunches and to bring people together at dinner time.

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