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Moroccan Wraps With Chicken and Halloumi

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Moroccan Wraps With Chicken and Halloumi

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Adjust Servings:
2 Free range [strips] Chicken Breast Halloumi or Aubergine for a veggie alternative
4 tbsp lemon and parsley [full recipe here] Hummus Click for my full recipe
1/2 [thinly sliced] Red Cabbage Red cabbage slaw
1 large Carrot
4 tbsp Thick Yogurt
1 large clove of Garlic
Handful of fresh Mint Sprinkle on top
Flatbrad/Naan/white Wraps I use white wraps for lunches and flatbread for dinners
Homemade Pink Onions Click for recipe

Nutritional information


    £0.95 per wrap

    • 30 minutes
    • Serves 4
    • Easy




    Moroccan Wraps

    My Chicken and Halloumi Moroccan wraps can simply be savoured for your work lunch, a quick and healthy dinner or take along to a picnic.

    Dazzle yourself and your friends with this quick recipe. Click here to make my homemade green hummus and pink onions.

    I came up with this recipe for my first food stand back in my local village fete of Sherfield on Loddon and the Moroccan wraps down an absolute treat! The frequent feedback received on the day was that they were ‘refreshing‘ ‘deliciously simple‘ and ‘the perfect work lunch option’

    Rather than keeping the recipe to myself, I wanted to share it with you to brighten up your next meal. Give it a try this weekend and give your taste-buds a wake-up call.

    I would love to hear what you think with a comment or review below. Did I miss anything out? Let me know.

    refreshing and deliciously simple


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    1. Marinate your chicken/vegetables or halloumi strips in your chosen Moroccan spices and leave for 25 minutes or ideally, overnight. Then cook for 10 minutes and leave to cool on the side once ready.

    2. While it's cooking, finely slice the red cabbage and grate your carrot. Add both to a bowl with a good glug of olive oil, seasoning and combine well. Click the red cabbage ingredient for the full recipe.

    3. For the garlic yoghurt, simply mince the garlic (or finely chop) and add to the yoghurt with a pinch of seasoning.

    Wraps: I recommend using normal wraps if you are taking it in for lunch as it's easier to wrap up. For dinner, try using flatbread or even flat naan bread and warm up in a frying pan, best tip!

    4. Spread the hummus on the wrap (click the hummus ingredient for the recipe), pile on the cabbage slaw, then place the chicken/halloumi strips, a good dollop of the garlic yoghurt, a sprinkling of chopped mint and finish with some cheeky pink onions (click the pink onion ingredient for the recipe)!

    Wrap it up and get stuck in!



    Did You Know?

    Red cabbage: Did you know it has double the iron of green cabbage? This delivers oxygen to your muscles and helps you to exercise or general day-to-day activities for longer. If you feel you are always tired, it means you need a high iron diet. Red cabbage is also very cheap to buy and can be enjoyed in many ways. Try my Raw Red Cabbage Salad and be surprised how good it really can be!

    Biffen's Kitchen

    My recipes will encourage people not to skip breakfast, make your work colleagues jealous of your lunches and to bring people together at dinner time.

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    Alex Biffen

    It was a great experience working for George on his Moroccan food stand and the wraps were delicious! Keep it up bro!

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