Breakfast Oatmeal Fritters
the breakfast game changer!

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Breakfast Oatmeal Fritters

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Adjust Servings:
Oat Fritters
100g Oats
100ml water any liquid alternative works
1/2 sliced Banana
1 tbsp crushed mixed [optional] Mixed Nuts
1 tsp Coconut Oil Click to buy a jar
1 tsp Cocoa Powder
1 tbsp Peanut Butter Click to buy online
1/2 sliced Banana

    £0.15 per oat patty

    • 10 minutes
    • Serves 1
    • Easy


    • Oat Fritters

    • Topping



    Breakfast Oatmeal Fritters

    Turn those overnight oats into warm and delicious breakfast oatmeal fritters in less than 10 minutes.

    My cousin Harriet, sent me a recipe for savoury vegan fritters for when I next see her.

    However, I decided these would make tasty sweet oatmeal patties in the morning.

    I prefer to cook my fritters in coconut oil as it creates a clean and sweet taste.

    Butter is also a tasty alternative, although I recommend trying it with coconut oil first and seeing which one you prefer.

    Breakfast fritters are a blank canvas that can be topped with a variety of different flavours to your liking, here are my favourites.

    Top 5 Breakfast Fritter Toppings

    1. Chocolate oatmeal fritters with banana and peanut butter
    2. Simple oatmeal fritters with thick Greek yoghurt, honey and almonds
    3. Coriander oatmeal fritters with spicy smashed avocado
    4. Easy oatmeal fritters with bacon and maple syrup
    5. Cinnamon oatmeal fritters with caramelised pear and walnuts

    Leave a comment on your favourite flavour.



    1. Mush the first half of the banana in a bowl using a fork and then add all the oat patty ingredients and combine well. The consistency should be stodgy and hold its shape well, if not, add more oats.

    2. For the best result, store in the fridge overnight like you would when making overnight oats. If you are making these beauties this morning, head to step 3.

    3. Add the coconut oil in a non-stick frying pan on a medium heat, wait until hot and then add your mixture creating 3/4 oat fritters.

    4. Cook 2/3 minutes eat side or until golden brown. Plate up, wack on your topping of choice and dig in.


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