Lemongrass and Ginger Duck Breast


Duck is a similar price to beef; go on and treat yourself!
Tip: Deseed the chilli to reduce the heat.
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  • 2 breast of
  • 1 tbsp / (A good handful will do nicely)
  • 1/2 red [finely chopped]
  • 1/2 [jucied]
  • 1 whole [sliced]
    Spring Onion
  • 2 tsp Very Lazy Paste
  • (Fresh, use 1/2 a lemongrass stick)
  • 1 tsp Very Lazy Paste / 2 cloves of fresh
  • 1 tsp Very Lazy Paste / 2cm piece of fresh
  • 1

    1. Start with finely chopping your marinade ingredients. Then, score the duck breast skin using a sharp knife (do not cut into the meat) to form diamond shapes in the skin and season well with salt and pepper.

    2. No oil needed here! Place the breasts skin-side down in a dry, non-stick griddle or frying pan over a low-medium heat. Gently cook for about 10-12 minutes, until golden and crisp. This reduces the fat from the breast and you will notice the duck fat oil. Remove the excess juices into a jar as you can use this for roast potatoes another day.

    3. Turn over the duck breast so the skin is facing up and add in your marinade and cook for 3 minutes to release the flavours into the duck breast.

    4. Take the duck out of the pan and leave to rest on a plate for 3 minutes. This is important to keep the flavour and juices in the duck and not let it all run out!

    5. Slice into thick pieces to keep the heat in and serve up with extra coriander, sliced spring onion and chilli!


Lemongrass and Ginger Duck Breast

Vietnamese infusion

Discover a fantastic way to get crispy duck skin without the jelly fat with this recipe.

The method for crispy skin and no fat breast comes from my mate’s dad, Paul Seabrook.

Duck breast worked wonders with Vietnamese flavours and from my travels there back in 2014, I decided to use two of my favourite refreshing ingredients, lemongrass and ginger!

Now, in my video, I have used Very Lazy products which are remarkable to use if you want flavour without chopping.

However, fresh is best, so you decide what works for your cooking style.

Now, are you ready to discover the simple and delicious way to cook a duck breast?

Let’s do this!

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