UK CORN SEASON - August to November

  • 1 teaspoon
  • 4 (corn on the cob)
  • 1
    Stage 1

    Cut the bottom of the corn so you have a steaedy base. Stand each cob vertically on a chopping board and use a large sharp knife and a rocking motion through the top to carefully cut through the centre. Repeat with the same technique, cutting it in half again so you're left with quarters.

  • 2
    Stage 2

    Oven: lay the corn on a lined baking tray and drizzle with oil and season well. Bake for 15 mins at 200c. Check half way through and turn, checking to see they are cooking evenly. Shallow Fry: This is my favourite technique! Add 1 litre of oil into a pan and bring the oil to it's hottest temperature. You can check it's hot enough by dipping a part of the corn in. It should sizzle when contact is made. When ready, add enough ribs in your pan so it's not overcrowded and deep fry them for 3 - 4 minutes (until golden and curled up). Toppings: once the corn ribs are cooked this is where you can add the toppings of your choice. From salt flakes and butter to chip seasoning, you decide how you want your corn ribs. Biff, Bosh, Corny Nosh.

Say hello to my favourite side of all time, the corn ribs!

These long and curly corn sticks are real showstoppers. Everyone who tried them in Croyde, loved them, even those who don’t like corn!

But what are corn ribs, and why are they so delicious?

I got this idea back in 2018 from Ottolenghi and discovered how quick they are to make at home and in the Biffen’s Kitchen Van.

TOP TIP: Having a sharp enough knife to cut down the middle is essential for the perfect rib and a safe method. MIND THOSE FINGERS, FOR CHRIST’S SAKE!

If you are not feeling too confident with slicing the corn long ways, you can make mini corn ribs by cutting the corn in half and then down the middle to make 8 mini ribs.

Once you have chopped your corn ribs in quarters and cooked them (oven or shallow fried) until they curl, you can season them in literally, anything that tickles your taste buds.

This is the special seasoning I use at Biffen’s Kitchen. It’s a Mexican seasoning which will blow your taste buds (not in a spicy way)!

Tajin Clasico with Lime Seasoning is a perfect add-on to fruits, vegetables and Mexican dishes. It contains a unique blend of lime, mild chili-peppers, and sea salt that can bring out the best flavor in a wide variety of foods.

My Top 5 Corn Rib

  1. Mexi-corn: smoked paprika, salt, garlic paste, cumin, chilli (chipotle) then topping with lime juice & crumbled feta.
  2. Moroc-corn: sumac, salt, cumin, rose harissa and then topping with parsley, mint, lemon juice & yoghurt.
  3. Domini-corn republic: allspice, cinnamon, ginger paste, garlic paste, honey and then topping with thyme & lime.
  4. South Corn-ean: Gochugaru paste, mirin, soy sauce, garlic paste, ginger paste and then topped with spring onions & coriander.
  5. Ameri-corn: BBQ sauce or rub and then topped with some melted cheese, crispy onions and anything else beige and unhealthy.
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