Berry Breakfast Smoothie Bowl


£1.25 per portion

  • 1) Smoothie Bowl
  • 1
  • 50 g Frozen
    Forest Berries
  • 50 g
    Cooked Beetroot
  • 1 tbsp
    Thick Greek Yoghurt
  • 2) Toppings
  • 1/2 juiced
  • Diced
  • Handful of
  • 1 tsp of
  • 1
    Blitz It - 5 minutes

    1. In a food processor add the chopped banana, frozen berries, cooked beetroot, spinach, lime juice and half the milk. Wizz it up until creamy and thick. Add more milk if needed.

    2. Slide it into your bowl and add your toppings of choice.

    TIP - For that yoghurt start effect, simply place a dollop in the middle and using the thin edge of the spoon, spread it outwards. Simple!


Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

With Beetroot And Forest Berries

This Breakfast Smoothie Bowl is perfect for those summer mornings where you need a quick and tasty breakfast.

You can make it in bulk and freeze individual packs so you can simply take one out the night before.

Sack off the boring cereal as this means you can enjoy it during a working week without losing time in the morning.

Just like my Oat Meal Patties or Overnight Oats

To make any flavour smoothie bowl, all you need is a good food processor (I use a Vitamix), frozen fruits and toppings of your choice. It’s that simple!

Smoothie bowl can be packed full of essential vitamins and minerals to kick start your morning, however, you also need to be aware of the high amount of sugars from the fruits.

Just like I have always said; it’s all about moderation.

If you have a bowl once a day, your teeth and blood pressure will pay for it.

But one of these beauties at the weekend and weekly exercise will do you just fine.

Top 3 Beetroot Facts

  1. Beetroot juice is also known to improve explosive power and activate fast-twitch muscle fibres.
  2. Historically it was used medicinally for a range of illnesses, including fevers, constipation and skin problems.
  3. Beetroot is rich in nitrates. Scientists believe our body converts nitrates into nitric oxide, a chemical thought to lower blood pressure.
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