Banana Bread Overnight Oats Recipe

Fancy knocking up this banana bread overnight oats?

It’s incredibly comforting, and effortless to make with only 7 wholesome ingredients in 7 minutes.

If you want it hot, simply turn it into banana bread porridge by heating up your overnight oats in the morning in a saucepan with extra liquid as the oats will have absorbed all the milk/water overnight.

Overnight oats are a low-cost breakfast option and the flavours to pick from are endless!

I also recommend making 2/3 days worth of soaked oats in the fridge so you can eat in a bowl at home or on the move in the airtight jar.

Old fashioned oat or jumbo oats are always my top suggestion as they will keep you fuller for longer because they take longer to digest compared to the instant oats.

Variety oats for overnight oats

But, it’s down to what textures you enjoy in the morning so try a variety of oat types and find the one that suits your needs

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