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Biffen’s Kitchen Surf-Inspired Street Food Truck 2023

OPEN from the 6th April – 30th September 2023.

Discover the taste of Croyde Surf-Inspired Street Food this summer at Biffen’s Kitchen.

From my Dominican Republic infusions to the famous Japanese katsu nights, Morrocan wraps or our breakfast barrel flatbreads, you cannot visit North Devon without popping in for a bite to eat and experience the Croyde sea view.

Come and find me (Biff) and my wonderful team at the Ocean Pitch Campsite.

You don’t need to camp at Ocean Pitch to enjoy Breakfast at Biffany's & evening surf-inspired street food. Everyone is allowed to walk on site and all I ask is that you respect the campsite when visiting. As it is a small campsite there is NO parking on-site so I recommend parking in one of the cark parks available in Croyde.

Just a 5-minute walk from Croyde Beach and a 15-minute walk from Croyde village centre.

We will always have the katsu curry on 2 nights of the week and the other 2/3 nights will be either the popular Moroccan Wraps, Dominican Republic Smoked Box or delicious surf-inspired street food speical. You can see what we are doing each week on our instagram page.

The Biffen’s Kitchen Loyalty Club!

INTRODUCING BiffCoin: The global crypto market may be crashing, but there is no better time to start collecting BiffCoins! Members of Biffen’s Loyalty Club will collect a BiffCoin for every visit, with the ability to cash in once certain rewards are unlocked! Save up to claim free products or discounts.

Scan the QR code on the menu board or click the link and fill in your details. When you come to pay, state to the lovely person on the till that you are in the BK loyalty club! It’s that simple!

What’s Cooking, Good Looking?

The reason I created surf-inspired street food is that it allows me to offer a variety of cuisines throughout the season. From the cold shores of Shikoku, Japan to the warm Caribbean waters of Playa Encuentro, Dominican Republic.

I will always offer a simple choice of meat and plant-based options in my breakfast and evening menu.

I try my best to source my ingredients locally to support the small businesses and offer a delicious meal at a fair price. For example, I get my Organic East Devon Goat meat from Corrymoor and my veggies from North Devon Organics.

All meals are made in the van (no prep kitchen!) by the team and I to offer delicious Croyde Street Food right by the famous surf break!

How Did I Get Here

Biffen’s Kitchen started as a hobby by sharing recipes on my website to inspire people to find their love of cooking while working in London as a Marketing Manager for a ski company.

I have always been to Croyde with my family since I was 7. But, after a weekend surf trip to Ocean Pitch in September 2018, my eyes noticed the campsite Snack Shack that would become the start of my new path in life.

After a day of surfing and a few beers that evening with friends, I went to bed thinking of how I could turn my website into a food van in Croyde.

Cook, Surf & Work.

The next morning, I made up my mind. 4 months later, I handed in my notice and prepared myself for my first season in April 2019, to set up the Biffen’s Kitchen food van.

I am not a chef. My skills are nothing to compare to the talented chefs out there but rather I see myself as a home cook. Someone who has a passion for cooking and wants to offer the best of his ability to hungry surfers and campers.

This year I am lucky to have 2 other crazy foodies who want to experience life in a food van by the beach (I don’t blame them).

You can read the full story of Biffen’s Kitchen here.

Since starting in 2019, Biffen’s Kitchen has been featured in:

Thanks for spending the time to check out my page and I hope to see you this summer.

Don’t be shy, come and say hi to the gang and I!

Biff! x

p.s I share all my recipes online so you can take the taste of Croyde back home.

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