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10 Crazy Ways To Eat Hot Cross Buns 2023 - Recipes

What to eat with hot cross buns? Well, I love it toasted with a spread of butter. BUT. Who says you can’t eat it with anything else? Scroll below and see what creative ways you can eat yours (sweet or savoury) and also prevent wasting stale buns with a delicious treat!

10. Bacon, Egg and Blue Cheese Toasted Hot Cross Bun!

Caution: Only have it once a week. This recipe is highly addictive and can cause love handles!

Crispy bacon strips, poached free-range egg, toasted bun with grilled blue cheese. Build it, bite it and listen for the crunch from the bacon and splat from the egg yolk hitting your plate.

The full recipe for the Bacon, Egg and Blue Cheese Toasted Hot Cross Bun

If you think this recipe is unusual… wait until you get to the #1 spot!

9. Hot Cross Treacle Tart

This is a ‘sweet and sticky’ way to use up leftover (stale) hot cross bun. #nowaste

Tesco's full recipe.

8. Bacon and Smashed Avocado

This refreshing and healthy (ish) smashed avocado is perfect for a sunny Sunday morning.

Creamy avocado, salty feta cheese, spicy chilli and refreshing chopped mint in a sweet and crunchy hot cross bun!

Bacon and Smashed Avocado Hot Cross Bun recipe.

7. Bread and Butter Pudding

Another simple and sweet way to use up your stale buns. Don’t waste food; recycle it into something delicious!

Great British Chef's full recipe.

6. Classic Bacon Bun

Swap that white thick loaf and toast up a buttery hot cross bun with 2 pieces of bacon and some brown sauce!

You don’t need a recipe for this!

5. Spiced French Toasted Cross Bun

It’s the weekend so go and treat yourself to this cheeky brunch idea.

Keep any stale buns to make this naughty little pudding. French Toast, meet Hot cross bun. Hot cross bun, meet French toast.

Click for the recipe.

4. Smashed Avocado Hot Cross Bun (v)

For my lovely veggie friends, follow the same recipe as the Bacon and Smashed Avocado but remove the slices of streaky bacon of course. For Vegans, you know you can get Vegan hot cross buns in most supermarkets this Easter?

3. Beetroot and Feta Cross Bun Burger (v)

You can have a brioche burger bun, so why can’t you have a hot cross bun burger?

Easter is here, and I want to share with you my super simple and quick veggie beetroot and feta hot cross bun burger recipe.

I use couscous to bind the burger. Low cost and easy to access. Enjoy!

Click for the full recipe of the Beetroot and Feta Hot Cross Bun Burger

2. Bread sauce

Why does bread sauce have only to be enjoyed over Christmas?

Easter is also about bringing friends and family around the dinner table and indulging in home-cooked hearty dinners.

Blitz any stale buns and follow my family's bread sauce recipe.

Hot Cross Bun Bread Sauce recipe

1. Slow-Cooked Roast Lamb Hot Cross Buns

You saw it here first, people!

My slow-cooked sticky roast lamb in a hot cross bun! Cooked in a mint and cranberry sticky sauce, this is the sister sandwich of the classic pulled pork brioche bun.

This recipe will leave you and your friends wanting more, so don’t let it just be an Easter treat and keep this recipe in your mind.

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