Biffen’s Loyalty Club

The Biffen’s Loyalty Club has been established to reward regular customers based in North Devon who frequently visit Croyde to enjoy the food, beverages and service provided by Biffen’s Kitchen.

Customers can sign up to the loyalty club which is powered by SquareUp. Signing up is free, and the details that we require is your first & last name, email and phone number. Users will be asked to verify their email when signing up. These details will create a Loyalty Account, which can be accessed and disabled at any time.

Members of the Biffen Loyalty Club will earn 1 BiffCoin for each visit where a minimum of £1.50 is spent on an eligible transaction. Loyalty Club Members will receive a physical card where a QR code will show how many BiffCoins they hold and how far away they are from redeeming an award.


When signing up to Biffen’s Loyalty Club, members will also subscribe to the Biffen’s Kitchen newsletter. This fortnightly eNewsletter will provide regular updates on funky new recipes inspired from cuisine around the world, what’s happening in and around Croyde, and all exciting news relating to the food van. 

Please refer to our Biffen’s Loyalty Club Terms and Conditions

Prize Triggers

3 BiffCoins50% Any Hot Drink
8 BiffCoinsFree Hot Drink
15 BiffCoins50% off a Bagel or Overnight Oats
20 BiffCoinsA Free Brownie
25 BiffCoinsFree 2 filler Bagel or Overnight Oats
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I’m Biff and I left my London office job in 2019 to set up my own street food van by the surfing beach, Croyde. Come on down to try my latest surf-inspired street food creations! Don’t worry if you cannot make it, all my recipes are on my website.


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