About Biffen’s Kitchen
Hi, welcome to Biffen’s Kitchen. For as long as I can remember, food has been a passion of mine. 

Not just cooking, but eating too. I have my grandmother to thank for igniting my interest in food, especially with her classic Wendy’s Chicken Pie – she began teaching me how to cook when I was 5 years old. Let’s hope she is proud of the British classic with a twist from the travels in Sri Lanka, the first-ever Sri Lankan Chicken Pie

I looked up to people like Jamie Oliver and Gary Rhodes as I watched them on the TV, knowing that if I could learn how to cook like them, I would have good food on demand. As I grew up, I saw people & friends eating the same meals over and over (not to discredit the classic pesto pasta dish) and I wanted to help.

I wanted to inspire them to become more adventurous with food and be passionate about creating their own simple and delicious meals.

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How it all started
  1. 2015
    The Early Days

    How was Biffen’s Kitchen Surf Inspired Street Food born? 

    After graduating from Oxford Brookes University, I had some time to kill before setting off on my travels around the world. I decided to start an Instagram page, posting all of my home-cooked meals and the adventures of my family dog, Faith. 

    The first page was called DogsDinner, but after a year of posting it was time to take the next step and the recipe website Biffen’s Kitchen was born! I mean, www.dogsdinner.com or Googling Dogsdinner might end up with you looking at actual dog food. 

    All of the dishes I make are inspired by the cuisines I’ve tried during my adventures around the world. My latest wanderings include Morocco, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Guatemala and Vietnam. Surfing also has a huge impact on my food, as some of the best meals I’ve had were found in surf destinations) and I like to keep the costs inexpensive so that everyone can experience good quality street food.

  2. 1999
  3. Biffen's Kitchen & Ocean Pitch
    A New Adventure – Street Food

    Since the age of 7, I have been lucky to have been introduced to North Devon (Croyde) due to the lovely family holidays down here with Mum, 2 brother’s and the Chocolate lab, Flake.

    In 2018, I took a camping trip at the Ocean Pitch campsite in Croyde for the first time and I am happy with the result of the trip. The site has a Snack Shack that overlooks the surfing beach and it was love at first sight! I was instantly hit with the idea that this could be my next adventure, cooking, surfing and living the active lifestyle that I wanted.

    I pitched my Surf-Inspired Street Food Van idea to the owners (Benny & Lou) of the campsite and was offered the job for the next summer season of 2019.

    After 3 years of living in London and working as a marketing manager for a skiing company in East Putney, I was finally ready to take the risk and set up the Biffen’s Kitchen Surf Inspired Street Food van. 

    I have never been so much happier, healthier and love my job, but it looks like the customers enjoy it too from my Tripadvisor reviews. You can find out more about my big move and the food I offer in this blogMy opening hours will be updated daily on my Instagram account but you can expect breakfast from 8-11am) and evening meals (6-8pm) Tue-Sat.

  4. 1999
  5. Easy Thai Red Pheasant Curry
    Finding The Balance

    For me, life is all about balance. Because, If you live a healthy lifestyle, you shouldn’t feel guilty about enjoying a treat every so often. I want to show people that cooking doesn’t have to be difficult. You don’t need a mile-long shopping list with countless exotic ingredients that can only be found at Brixton Market to make an amazing dish. 

    Biffen’s Kitchen will give you easy, simple recipes that will get you excited about cooking. Take delicious, hassle-free lunches into work that will make your colleagues drool. Cook your meals with your family at dinner time, saving money and time on the washing up

  6. 1999
There you have it!
The story of Biffen’s Kitchen.

Come down to Ocean Pitch, say hello and try the new taste of Croyde’s Surf-Inspired Street Food. I’d love to hear your thoughts on my food and recipes if you’re feeling generous please leave a quick review on my TripAdvisor page.

Big love, Biff.

When I’m not cooking…